5 Reasons Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary

June 16, 2019

Tooth extraction is often the last resort treatment recommended by your dentist when it is no longer possible to save your tooth,

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the removal of the tooth from its dental socket.

2 types of extraction procedures

There are two types of tooth extractions. Simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. A simple extraction is done using local anesthesia on the tooth which is easily acceptable. Surgical extraction is required on the tooth which is not easily accessible.

5 Reasons Why We Resort to Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is often the last resort treatment recommended by your dentist in Rego Park when it is no longer possible to save your tooth. Here are some reasons you might require dental extraction.

Irreparable tooth damage due to severe decay

A tooth extraction might be required when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. The tooth must be extracted towards preventing the decay or the infection from spreading to the other healthy teeth in your mouth.

A viable solution to periodontal disease

In extreme cases of periodontal disease, your tooth can become loose and cannot be positioned back firmly in its place. In such a case, tooth extraction is required for treating the gum disease.

Extraction may help an impacted tooth

A tooth is termed to be impacted when it experiences blockage from erupting or coming out. This is generally seen in the case of the wisdom tooth wherein the gums have not fully erupted and prevent the tooth from coming out.

In such case, removal of an impacted tooth can help the tooth the sprout out without causing pain or discomfort.

To eliminate teeth overcrowding

Removal of one or more teeth can be required when you suffer from overcrowding in your mouth. Tooth extraction is also required when there is no room for the movement or realignment of your teeth.

Necessary after an accident

Tooth extraction might be required to post an accident in cases when it might be either too late to save your teet, or the damage is beyond repair.

To know more about how to save your tooth and maintain an aesthetic smile, with Dental Arts Rego Park, NY.

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