How Fluoride Treatments Can Help Prevent Cavities

December 01, 2020

Fluoride is a monoatomic and inorganic anion whose salts are generally colorless. Individually fluoride salts are distinctive, bitter, and are odorless. Fluoride has a vital role to play in the overall health of your teeth. With aging, the teeth tend to lose their natural color. Dental ailments or trauma might leave a permanent mark on your otherwise white teeth. Fluoride treatments are available at a dental clinic near you; you need to visit one. You may search for dentists near me on the internet to find some good dental clinics for fluoride treatment.

Dental Health and Fluoride

Cavities are one of the most common dental ailments that affect people of all ages. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to build your teeth and to protect them against cavities. Fluoride treatment has been an essential mode of oral treatment over the ages.

Fluoride supports the growth and care of enamel, which is the exterior part of your teeth. It also fights the bacteria that can harm your teeth and gums. Tooth enamel is the external protective covering of the teeth, and fluoride strengthens the enamel.

Cavities occur mainly due to poor oral health. When the food materials are stuck to your teeth, a sticky layer called plaque is formed over the teeth. If not cleaned, the plaque forms a more rigid layer called tartar, which is difficult to remove. Cavities occur due to bacterial activities on the tartar. The bacterial action releases an acidic substance that erodes the enamel and weakens the teeth.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

Infants and children from six months of age to sixteen years go through building the teeth and gums. This is the time when temporary teeth grow and give away to the permanent teeth. Although adults need more fluoride for protection, children need fluoride for the proper building of the teeth.

Children complain more about dental pain from cavities. Dental cavities are also chronic among children. Dentists also suggest repeating fluoride treatment for children every three to six months for better protection.

Fluoride is needed in more concentration than available in your toothpaste of the water you intake. Dentists can provide fluoride treatments in Rego Park, NY, and are available in the form of highly concentrated rinse, gel, foam, or even varnish. The fluoride treatment can be completed in a single visit, and the dentist advises not to eat for thirty minutes after fluoride treatment. Once the teeth absorb the fluoride, you can expect better protection from cavities.

Once the fluoride treatment is done, the dentist might recommend what not to eat after fluoride treatment. Hot or cold food and beverages are to be avoided after undergoing fluoride treatment.

Benefits and Use of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment has various advantages:

  • Undergoing fluoride treatment can help the body to use calcium and phosphates in a better manner. The teeth can also reabsorb these minerals to strengthen the weaker teeth enamel.
  • Fluoride can join a developing tooth’s structures and strengthen the enamel to make them less vulnerable to bacterial activity.
  • The fluoride can harm the cavity-causing bacterias, and fluoride treatment can reverse the bacterial activity.
  • Reducing the risk of cavities.
  • Retarding the growth of cavities.
  • Reducing toothaches.

Fluoride Treatment Side Effects

High doses of fluoride can be unsafe for children. However, the widespread side effects of fluoride treatment can be teeth discoloration. Fluorosis can cause white streaks or discoloration of the teeth. When a child ingests fluoride more than the prescribed limit, they might have discolored teeth.

A person having allergic tendencies might experience itching or burning sensation when exposed to fluoride treatment. The application of high doses of fluoride can be toxic and might also cause nausea and vomiting.

Fluoride Treatment in Dental Clinic

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