Dental Bonding Facts You Should Know

January 13, 2021

People with issues like chipped teeth, gaps, and teeth discoloration find it hard to smile in public. This is because they don’t have the confidence to do it. Such dental imperfections can deny you self-esteem and affect your life. You however shouldn’t worry if you have any of these dental imperfections.

Dental bonding is one of the many available cosmetic dentistry options to fix these issues. This is a treatment option that will restore your confidence. You will be able to smile and talk in public without any worries. You can talk to a dentist near you about dental bonding if you need your self-esteem back.

Dental Bonding Explained

This is a cosmetic dentistry treatment option that restores your lost smile and gives you the confidence you need. The treatment option involves bonding resin to your teeth using a special light. Your stained, short or chipped teeth will be fixed with this treatment option. Dental bonding in Rego Park, NY is what you need if your imperfect teeth are denying you the smile you want.

Our Saturday dentist in rego park ny will examine your imperfect teeth and give you this treatment when you visit. This is a treatment option that will also improve your dental health besides restoring your smile.

Who Needs This Treatment Option

Any patient with the following teeth issues needs dental bonding treatment in Rego Park NY. This is a proven cosmetic dentistry option so you can be confident to get the results you want.

Short Teeth

You are a good candidate for this treatment option if you have one or several short teeth. Our dentist will make your short teeth longer by applying resin on them. This will give you a beautiful smile that will ensure you are confident again.

Teeth Discoloration

This is a common dental issue that denies many people their dream smile. Through dental bonding, we can help you achieve that dream smile. Our dentist will apply resin on the surface of your stained teeth and bond it. The resin will cover the stains giving you a set of white teeth.


Besides denying you a healthy smile, gaps can also affect your dental health. Food particles that get stuck between gaps are always hard to get rid of. They can cause plaque buildup and lead to tooth decay. Our dentists can fix these gaps by applying resin to your teeth. You should visit us at Dental Arts Rego park to get your gaps taken care of.


Chipped teeth will look unattractive when you talk or smile. The right treatment for this dental imperfection is bonding. The dentists will use resin to fill up your tooth and smoothen it. No one will notice this treatment option after the procedure. You will talk confidently again in public. Talk to us for Dental Bonding near you if you have chipped teeth.

Why Dental Bonding is Better than Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Dental bonding has several benefits over other cosmetic dentistry options. It will give you the confidence and smile you want and improve your dental health. Here are some benefits of this treatment option.

It is a Minimally Invasive Dental Procedure

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t call for anesthesia. If you don’t like invasive dental procedures consider coming in for this one. You won’t feel any pain while the dentist bonds resin to your teeth. You can even drive yourself home after a dental bonding procedure. Talk to your dentist for dental bonding near you if you don’t like being put under anesthesia.

Completed in a Single Visit

Most patients like dental procedures that can be completed in a single visit. Our dentists near me will give you a beautiful smile within hours. This is a convenient cosmetic dentistry procedure that any patient should go for.

Is this Procedure Long-lasting?

Although dental bonding lasts long several factors can affect its lifespan. Taking good care of your teeth will ensure the treatment lasts long. One of the ways to ensure your dental bonding lasts longer is avoiding bad oral habits. Habits like teeth grinding will only shorten the lifespan of the treatment. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is also important if you have undergone the procedure.

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