Dental Health Mouth Guards

Dental Health Mouth Guards

Jul 16, 2019

Our teeth need protection from injury from grinding of teeth and other injuries during sports, germs, etc. And in order to ensure its protection, mouth guards are worn to protect the same. Beauty Smiles provides the best dental health mouth guards. Different kinds of mouth guards have been described here:

  • Stock mouth protectors

These mouth protectors are available readymade but are generally not highly recommended by the dentists. Although these guards are bulky, difficult to fit and a little uncomfortable, these guards are generally low priced and are easily available in any goods or department store. However, they provide very little or no protection at all and also makes it uncomfortable to breathe after wearing them.

  • Boil and bite mouth protectors

They are also easily available at sporting and other department stores. They are better than stock mouth protectors in the way that they are better fitted. These mouth guards have to be first put in warm water before use and after that they are placed inside the mouth and then shaped accordingly with the help of finger and tongue. These mouth guards are made of thermoplastic material and are less uncomfortable to use as well.

  • Custom-fitted mouth protectors

These are highly recommended by the dentists and are made in some dental office or a professional dental laboratory. These are designed according to the instructions of the dentist; the dentist in Rego Park examines the teeth of the person and then designs a mouth guard according to the need of the person. These are generally custom-made and special materials are used in its molding which makes these mouth guards expensive than the other mouth guards and also provides better protection and is more comfortable to wear than others.

Mouthguards are normally made for the upper teeth of a person, but if the situation demands, they are also made for lower teeth. It is best to consult a dentist in Rego Park before you think of getting a mouth guard, the best mouth guards can be made available to you from the Dental Arts Rego Park, NY.