Do Genetics Influence Oral Health?

March 06, 2019

It can surprise many people to learnt that genetics plays a large part in their oral health. It may prompt many to question how large a role genetics plays in the health of their teeth. Let’s take a look at how genetics affects patients at Dental Arts in Rego Park, NY.


Cavities are caused by sugars and starches breaking down and turning into plaque that sticks to enamel and causes small holes to develop – cavities. While genetics plays a part in the bacteria of your mouth, these bacteria often do not cause decay. However, your genetics could play a part in how strong your enamel is and how much of your saliva can fight off decay-causing bacteria.

The occurrence of bacteria that produce cavities is often linked with the sugars and other factors that can be controlled by patients and parents in the home. This shows that cavities are more likely the cause of environmental components instead of genetics.

Gum Disease

By visiting your dentist in Rego Park, NY you can get an exam that determines your likelihood of developing gum disease. Gum disease causes the gums to become sensitive as well as inflamed. If it is not treated, teeth can be lost and so can bone.

There is still a lot of research that must occur in order to understand the exact link between gum disease and genetics. Periodontitis can be due to environment factors as well as genetic factors, but the infection is very complex. A lack of steady and proper oral care is a large reason for the development of gum disease.

A Dental Arts Rego Park dentist near you can perform an examination that pinpoints the exact cause of your dental health issues. It is not known how much of your oral health is determined by genetics or by environmental factors, but preventative care helps keep decay and diseases from developing in the mouth, teeth, and gums. A Dental Arts dentist in Rego Park, NY 11374 can make sure your teeth are healthy and run tests for infections and other diseases if there are symptoms present.

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