Implants Vs Bridges: Which one is the best for you?

September 01, 2019

Many people lose their teeth because of age, diseases or some kind of accidents. Once they lose their teeth, they start looking for options to fix that problem. Now there are many methods but people have more confusion in between implants and bridges. There are lots of point of coming from different people and now it is very difficult for you what should you go for. Following you will find the detailed explanation of dental bridge as well as dental implants as suggested by dentist 11374. It would be easy for you to decide which one is a better solution for your teeth.

What is a dental implant?

First of all, you must understand what do dental implants mean. Dental implant means providing you with an artificial tooth. The dentist uses metal post and fits it into the bone structure. After a few months when metal post infuses into the jaw then dentist would provide you with a permanent crown so that you would get the perfect teeth. Dentist in Rego Park, NY makes sure that crown color is very similar to your teeth so people would not be able to differentiate between the artificial teeth and the original ones.

Pros of Dental implant

  • One of the biggest benefits of dental implant it lasts long and you do not need to give any additional time or efforts. Regular teeth cleaning would work best in this case. Still, you need to get a regular checkup from the rego park dentist. The best thing about this is you can get dentist open on Saturday.
  • If you are worried about your looks then you do not need to worry about that because these Saturday dentist make sure that people would not be able to differentiate between your teeth. You will have the exact same color which your natural teeth do.
  • Once you lose the teeth your jawbone is at risk where there are high chances that your jawbone deteriorates. A dental implant helps you to stop it and allow it to grow naturally.

Cons of Dental Implant

  • This is one of the methods where you need to get surgery because metal post is attached to the jawbone. Surgery is always risky but you can reduce the risk by choosing a professional dentist.
  • One of the other cons of dental implants is that it takes time to be fixed properly. It can take 3-months time but you do not need to worry because Saturday dentist in rego park, NY provide you with a temporary solution so that it would be easy for you deal with it.
  • Cost is one of the biggest factors because people find this method costly but they forget that it is a ever-lasting method

What is a Dental Bridge?

The dental bridge, as the name suggests it bridges the difference between the teeth. As bridges need support, the same way dental bridges give support to the natural or implant teeth. This needs two or more crown to bridge that gap. There are many types dental bridges such as traditional bridge, cantilever bridge, and Maryland bonded bridge. You can get this dental bridge from any dentist office near me.

Pros of Dental Bridge

  • The method of the dental bridge is very simple and it would not require a surgery. This process becomes less painful because surgery is not involved.
  • Available on Saturday dentist in rego park suggest that If you cannot wait much then the dental bridges are right choice because it would not take time to fix in your teeth.

When we compare the dental bridge with dental implant, a dental bridge is an affordable option. You do not worry much about functionality because dental bridge works well as what Saturday dentist 11374 suggest that.

Cons of Dental Bridges

  • A dental bridge is not that aesthetical as dental implant. It would not provide you that natural look as dental implants do.
  • It might affect your other natural teeth because adjusting of the dental bridges needs some amount of removal of the tooth structure partially.

Missing teeth is an emergency situation so you need to approach an emergency dentist near me because sometimes you do not need to get artificial teeth. You can save your natural teeth. You can also search Saturday dentist near me on Saturday in emergency cases and you will find dentist at that point of time also.

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