Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening in Rego Park, NY

What is Zoom! Whitening?

Many dental patients visit dentists to correct tooth discoloration, which can often result from drinking many beverages commonly enjoyed all across the country. These beverages can include things such as tea, coffee, or soda. Tobacco use or poor dental hygiene can also cause or accelerate these effects. Patients who age may find that their teeth begin to change color as a side-effect of the aging process.

Zoom teeth Whitening is a bleaching process that’s used to reverse tooth discoloration caused by these products and other, similar foods or drinks. It relies on a powerful gel and lamp which bleach the teeth thoroughly but safely.


Zoom! Whitening near you primarily achieves tooth-whitening through the use of the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which blasts a 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel which is coated over the teeth beforehand. A short period of about 15 minutes will be allowed to ensure that the gel settles over the teeth properly. During this time, the patient will be allowed to relax and read or watch television.

As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, accelerated by the use of the lamp, oxygen floods enamel and dentin in the patient’s teeth, causing the bleaching effect which leaves tooth surfaces whiter than before. This is all accomplished without damaging the internal structure of a patient’s teeth, of course.

overall time for teeth whitening in Rego Park Queens usually takes about one hour and can be completed in one session.


Once the procedure is complete, your dentist in Rego Park may provide you with a touch-up kit to finalize the whitening process and ensure that no reversal takes place. You will likely be advised to avoid eating or drinking the foods or beverages, which caused the staining of your teeth in the first place. Tobacco, in particular, can easily stain or darken tooth surfaces, so you will be advised to quit using tobacco products.

Proper tooth maintenance and hygiene should be followed to maintain healthy teeth and their new, whiter appearance.

Further Information

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