Why Dentists Are Recommending Fluoride Treatments To Their Patients?

December 01, 2019

Fluoride has continued to remain an essential oral health treatment for decades because it can support healthy tooth enamel and fight with the bacteria that can harm the teeth and gums. Fluoride treatments have proven especially beneficial for people at a high risk of developing dental caries or cavities. Dentists are guided to fluoride treatments because it can prevent cavities from occurring when the bacteria build up on the teeth erodes the enamel and harms the nerves and blood at the center of the tooth. 

If you want to prevent cavities from developing in your mouth you should be searching for fluoride treatment near me from a dentist in your locality who will happily provide the treatment to you. 

What Are Professional Fluoride Treatments?

Professional fluoride treatments at Rego Park, NY, are provided to you in the form of a concentrated rinse, varnish, foam, or gel. The procedure will be applied to your teeth by the dentist in Rego Park with a swab, tray, brush, or even a mouthwash. These concentrated versions have more fluoride than what is normally available in water and toothpaste. The application will just require a few minutes, but you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for half an hour after the treatment to ensure the fluoride is fully absorbed. On your part, you just need to provide your Rego Park dentist with your health history so they can choose the proper treatment for you.

What Is the Cost Of A Fluoride Treatment?

As an adult, you will be required to pay about $10-$30 out-of-pocket and therefore it would be a good idea to inquire about the costs of the treatment with the dentist beforehand. Thankfully insurance providers cover the cost of fluoride treatments for children and therefore you will not have to worry about them if you have dental insurance for them.

Are Fluoride Treatments Beneficial?

The dentist offering fluoride treatment in Rego Park NY will provide you information the treatment functions by restoring the minerals to tooth surfaces where the bacteria may have eroded the enamel. Fluoride treatments can also prevent the growth of harmful oral bacteria as well as cavities. 

While working to create a stronger outer surface to your teeth fluoride is incapable of removing decay but it can prevent the decay from penetrating the deeper parts of your teeth. Children, as well as adults, benefit from fluoride treatments and the earlier children are exposed to fluoride the likelihood of them developing cavities diminish. Approximately 45 percent of children and adolescents have a diminished likelihood of developing cavities if they receive fluoride treatments at an early age. It is perhaps the reason why dentists are regularly recommending fluoride treatments for their patients knowing full well that even adults can increase their risk to cavities by the following habits: 

  • Using alcohol or tobacco and drugs excessively 
  • Suffering from an eating disorder 
  • Following improper oral hygiene habits 
  • Neglecting professional dental care.
  • Have weak enamel in their mouths.
  • Suffer from decreased saliva or dry mouth. 

If you are suffering from one of the above conditions should have a consultation with your dentist to receive fluoride treatments and even understand the common sources of dietary fluoride which will prove beneficial to you. You can consider having foods cooked in water, fish ate with the bones, tea, and water that contain fluoride and will act as supplements to ensure you are receiving adequate fluoride to keep your mouth healthy. 

As a natural mineral fluoride is capable of preventing cavities. It can restore minerals to the tooth enamel and prevent harmful bacteria from building up in the mouth. You can suffer from negative complications if you overdose on fluoride. Your oral health also affects your overall health and therefore you need to take good care of your mouth. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day or even after every meal for two minutes every time. Flossing should also be a habit that you should develop to remove food particles from your teeth remaining even after brushing. You are recommended to avoid sugary snacks and beverages as well as tobacco in any form. Visiting a board-certified dentist for checkups and cleanings at least once a year should be a routine that you should follow without exceptions. 

The primary objective of fluoride treatments is to prevent cavities from developing in your mouth. Merely having fluoride treatments without proper oral hygiene habits will not prove beneficial. Therefore you are recommended to combine the two because they can prove beneficial to your oral as well as overall health.

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