Why Do Oral Surgeons Recommend Bone Grafts Before Dental Implants?

October 02, 2019

A dental implant is a titanium post positioned surgically beneath the gums in the jaw bone to allow dentists to mount replacement teeth or bridge in the area. Dentist in Rego Park, NY confirm implants don’t come loose like dentures. They are also beneficial for general oral health because they do not need to be anchored to other teeth like bridges.

If you are considering implants you can search for a dental office near me to collect all the information you need about this procedure. If you do not have time available at your disposal you can consider visiting a dentist open on Saturday because he or she will be willing to provide you the information needed. Your initial visit will reveal the information that you must have healthy gums and adequate bone for supporting the implant. If the bone in your jaw is not sufficient or unable to support the implant you may not be a suitable candidate for a bone graft. The information received from the Saturday dentist may perplex you to believe the procedure of getting dental implants should not be as complicated as described. It could even tempt you to visit a dentist 11374 to collect more information. However, you will in every likelihood receive the same information from the surgeons who will provide you adequate information about why a bone graft may be a requirement before placing the implants.

Candidates For Receiving An Implant

Many people are potential candidates for getting dental implants if they have enough bone in their jaw to allow an implant to be placed. The individual must also be free from any periodontal disease. Individuals that are smoking, have autoimmune diseases are ingesting medications for these conditions, have had radiation therapy to the head and neck and are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes will also be recommended not to consider dental implants for themselves.

When Is Bone Grafting A Requirement?

Even if you decide to contact the emergency dentist near me because you have developed a sense of confidence in him or her you will be advised that if your jawbone is either too soft or isn’t thick enough you will require bone grafting before you can undergo the surgery for dental implants. The reasons for this recommendation would be the chewing action of your mouth which exerts great pressure on your bone needing adequate support for the implant. Trying to avoid a bone graft would render the surgical procedure for the dental implants to fail. The primary function of a bone graft is to create a solid base for the dental implant. In some cases, you may only need minor bone grafting and the dentist you consider is the best oral surgeon near me will be able to discuss the options best suited for your needs.

What Is the Procedure For The Bone Graft?

During a bone graft procedure, the surgeon will take a section of the bone from another area of your body or may even decide to use special bone grafting material which is currently available to graft it into your jawbone. Thereafter you may be required to wait for several months for the graft to create new bones which are strong to ensure the implants inserted will remain stable and secure. If you are a candidate for just a minor graft the procedure may be completed at the time the implant surgery has been scheduled. However, the Rego Park dentist will be deciding on the final course of action. A successful bone graft can allow your jawbone the strength it needs to support your dental implant.

The surgery for dental implants can proceed after the bone graft is successful. Every surgical procedure requires you to discuss your medical history as well as any benefits or risks you may face during the surgery with the oral surgeon near me. It will instill the confidence you need to undergo the surgery for the bone graft as well as the dental implants and prepare you to enjoy the brand-new smile you were always looking forward to.

If you are determined to have dental implants inserted in your mouth but the dentist 11374 finds you an unsuitable candidate you can always discuss with a dentist in Rego Park, NY to obtain a second opinion to understand whether you can undergo the bone graft recommended for having dental implants inserted in your mouth. If a mouthful of teeth work fantastically the brains of two dentists can also conjure up great results. Therefore consider all options before you decide on dental implants because it is a procedure that will leave you smiling for the rest of your life.

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